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[KE CyberTorah] To Be A Sukkah

To Be A Sukkah

A Sukkah, to be Kosher, must be open to the world.
The stars in the heavens must be seen 
The moon in its fullness letting in her beautiful light.
Because to be open to the world is to be like a Sukkah
To hear its sighs and exclamations, and in those winds and susurrations
To understand: we must be open to the world
To preserve and keep it. For it is only us that can destroy it;
And only us who can preserve it.

To be open to the world is to be like a Sukkah
To see those who live everyday without a home.
Who may have walls, but not bathrooms.
Who may have a door, but no fixed address.
To see is to know. To know is to learn
And to learn is: to do. 
To learn and do and find a way so that we can all have a place 
That we call home: with four walls, a door, and running water.

To be a Sukkah is to be open to the world.
To feel those looking for homes. 
Displaced; fleeing.
And to feel a call to help, to offer 
Sanctuary. A holy place that can be safe. Home.

To be like a Sukkah is to hear, to see, to feel.
It is to cry, to listen, and to love.
We shall build a Sukkah: A Sukkah that is us
So that we can be a Sukkah that is open to the world.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi David Booth

Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyyar 5784