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Rabbi David Booth

A Note from the Rabbi

I wanted to share a few wonderful things I have come to appreciate about Kol Emeth. As you are exploring what Kol Emeth has to offer, I hope this will help you feel welcomed and excited about what the Holy Congregation has to offer.

First: Kol Emeth genuinely strives to be a community. I have been received warmly by so many people in a variety of ways. As importantly, I see a great effort to build connections among peoples. People have many opportunities including our Havurot and Progressive Dinners to meet newcomers and create new connections. This is a community ready to embrace newcomers.

Second: Kol Emeth is strongly committed to serving God. I have seen this in many ways. I see this every Shabbat morning by the number of people interested in engaging prayer and Shabbat. I see this at every Adult Educational offering, as people come filled with interest and excitement. I saw this at our sunrise service in the Courtyard on Shavuot. This is a community deeply committed to learning and observing Torah.

Third: This is a caring community. When someone is sick, or hospitalized, this is a community that makes an effort. We bring people meals and make each member realize that we care about them and want them to feel cared for.

Fourth: This Synagogue community is deeply committed to davening. We have a daily minyan, Sun-Thursday at 7:45pm, Sunday at 9:15am, and Thursday at 6:45am. These minyanim can always use more people (especially Sunday morning, by the way), but they are strong and reflective of this Synagogue’s commitment to prayer. Shabbes services are similarly well attended, showing how deeply this community vows praying to God each day, morning and evening, and rejoicing together on Sabbaths and Festivals.  We meet Fridays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9:15am.

Kol Emeth is a vibrant, dynamic place whose people are deeply committed Jews. I am honored every day to be Rabbi here. I look forward to welcoming you into our community and getting to know you. If you are newcomer, please make a point of coming up to me and introducing yourself. I really want a chance to get to speak with you!

About Rabbi Booth

Rabbi David Booth is the spiritual leader of Congregation Kol Emeth in Palo Alto. He was educated at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles and then the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Rabbi Booth grew up in the Bay Area and is thrilled to have returned home to such a vibrant and dynamic Jewish community. In addition to his responsibilities at Kol Emeth, Rabbi Booth has published several articles and op-ed pieces in local and national publications. He has been a keynote speaker for the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs in Toronto and been scholar-in-residence in Thousand Oaks, CA as well as other speaking and teaching engagements. He is blessed with three children: Joshua, Naomi, and Maytal, along with his wonderful wife, Carol.


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Contact Rabbi Booth

You can reach Rabbi Booth directly by calling (650) 948-7498 and dialing or asking for extension 107, or by email:







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