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Morat Derech Sarah Miller

Welcome to Kol Emeth! I am delighted that you have decided to learn more about our spiritual home. 

I have a unique position here as the “Morat Derech.” 

When I first started at Kol Emeth in 2018, I was hired as the synagogue educator. In charge of all educational programs for ages 0-end of life. As the “newbie,” I did what all teachers do, I began learning. I wanted to know as much about KE and the community as I could. I explored our existing programs, met with committee members, had lots of coffee dates, phone calls, and planning meetings, and I spent a lot of time with our Rabbis and our leadership team. As I learned, I began trying new things, taking calculated risks, and most importantly started building relationships. 

While every first year in a new position is a transition, there was something different about this one. Instead of transitioning into a new job, I was transforming into a new person. I was surrounded by a community of scholars and creative thinkers with a passion for Judaism and the world around them. Kol Emeth reminded me of my initial “call” -- the reason I had gone into the field of Jewish Education in the first place -- to help the Jewish people become closer to God, our Tradition, and one another.  

Our Rabbis, Board of Directors, and congregation made the decision to create a new type of clergy role at Kol Emeth, not as a Rabbi, not as a Cantor, but as a Morat Derech - a Spiritual Educator, which I am honored and blessed to fill. 

What I have quickly come to realize is that this is the magic of KE. It is a place where you can become your best self. It is a place where we value new perspectives, innovation, creativity, and scholarship. It is a place where everyone’s unique neshama (soul) can thrive and grow without judgement.

Education is a central part of who we are. Learning is both serious and fun. Our classes and programs are always designed around both content and community. We believe that connecting to the material is just as important as connecting to those you are studying with. I hope you will consider a new class or join us for one of our programs. I’m excited to get to know you and help you find your home at Kol Emeth.


About Sarah

Sarah has been working in the field of Jewish Education for over 15 years. She has experience in many Jewish educational settings, from day schools and congregations to summer camps and youth groups. She has a BA in Near Eastern Studies from Cornell University and a Master’s in Jewish Education from The Jewish Theological Seminary. Sarah is blessed with her wonderful son, Miles. 

Contact Sarah

You can reach Sarah Miller by calling the office at (650) 948-7498, or at


Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784