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03/31/2021 07:21:50 PM


 Torah Commentary by Rabbi David Booth

CyberTorah is a weekly commentary by Rabbi David Booth, spiritual leader of Congregation Kol Emeth in Palo Alto, California.

Rabbi Booth was educated at the University of Judaism in...Read more...

[KE CyberTorah] Yearning

11/13/2020 05:00:38 PM


It is not good for Adam to be alone… Being human means being alone. We live in our own subjective experience, separated in the darkness behind our eyes from all that is. And at the same exact moment, we are part of all that is. We breathe and our breath goes back into the world. Our consciousness imagines our self to be limited by our bodies but this too is an illusion.Read more...

[KE CyberTorah] A Prayer Post Election

11/05/2020 05:02:28 PM


I want to offer a prayer, but before I do that I want to offer compassion. It’s been an agonizing roller coaster of a week. As I write this, results are still coming in and things may not be decided for quite some time. In such an environment, we can find ourselves stressed, worried, overwhelmed.Read more...

[KE CyberTorah] Don't Forget To Breath

10/20/2020 05:05:40 PM


American democracy is essential to the Jewish people and the state of Israel. We have found the (second) most conducive home to the Jewish community here in the history of the diasporic world. Built into American democracy is a tolerance for otherness, a respect for religious difference, and a deep inherent philo-semitism unseen in other Western countries. Jews have been here from the very beginning and our community is an essential part of the American fabric.Read more...

[KE CyberTorah] Where Next?

10/15/2020 05:08:14 PM


I will admit it: I feel pretty good about the holidays. Kol Emeth did something very special as we showed up for each other. In a time that could have felt isolating, we experienced community. In a time that could have been anxious and sad, we shared joy and hope. It was a team effort, Rabbis, Board, staff, community. Everyone committed to the same goal of making these High Holidays memorable and great and everyone showing up for each other.Read more...

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