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Weekday Services

The weekday services are short and sweet, and an excellent place to start learning to lead davening. Listen, read, and sing along.

Page numbers are for Siddur Lev Shalem followed by (Siddur Sim Shalomin parenthesis.

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Shacharit (morning)
Minchah (afternoon)
Ma’ariv (evening)


Full Weekday Morning Service (Rabbi Matzkin)

Sing Along Shacharit (Rabbi Matzkin), (Siddur Sim Shalom pp 2-514)


Minchah (Rabbi Graff)

Ashrei, Lev Shalem p289 (Sim Shalom p164)

Chatzi Kaddish, Lev Shalem p290 (Sim Shalom p166)

Weekday Amidah, Lev Shalem p291-299 (Sim Shalom p168-184)

Shalom Rav melody, Lev Shalem p299 (Sim Shalom p184)

Tachanun, (Sim Shalom p192-194)

Kaddish Shalem to the end of Minchah, Lev Shalem p300 (Sim Shalom p194-198)


Ma’ariv (Rabbi Graff)

Weekday Ma’ariv Begining,  Lev Shalem p264 (Sim Shalom p200)

Shema, Lev Shalem p265-267 (Sim Shalom p202-204)

Mi Chamocha (2 versions), Lev Shalem p267 (Sim Shalom p204)

Hashkivenu and following, Lev Shalem p267 (Sim Shalom p206)

Chatzi Kaddish, Lev Shalem p269 (Sim Shalom p208)

Amidah, Kaddish Shalem and following, Lev Shalem p270-279 (Sim Shalom p210-226)

Psalm 27, Lev Shalem p59 (Sim Shalom p40-42)

Achat Sha’alti Melody (in Psalm 27), Lev Shalem p59 (Sim Shalom p40)

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