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Shabbat Morning Prayers

Page numbers are for Siddur Lev Shalem followed by (Siddur Sim Shalomin parenthesis.

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Pesukei D’Zimrah
Torah Service


Pesukei D’Zimrah (Rabbi Lewis)

Pesukei D’Zimrah  – Lev Shalem p103  (Sim Shalom pp10-14, 50-94, 334-336)


Shacharit (Jeff Schwarz)

Shacharit (part I), Lev Shalem p147 (Sim Shalom pp336-342)

Shacharit (part II), Lev Shalem p153 (Sim Shalom pp344-352)

Shacharit (part III), Lev Shalem p159 (Sim Shalom pp354-364, 392)


Torah Service (Jeff Schwarz)

     See also: How to Have an Aliyah

Torah Service (part I), Lev Shalem p168 (Sim Shalom pp394-398)

Torah Service (part II), Lev Shalem p176 (Sim Shalom pp412-426)


Read Torah

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Musaf (Jeff Schwarz and Rabbi Matzkin)

Hatzi Kaddish, Lev Shalem p184 (Sim Shalom p428)

Amidah, beginning blessings, Lev Shalem p185 (Sim Shalom p430)

Kedushah, Lev Shalem p187 (Sim Shalom p432)

B’Shem Hashem Kedushah (Rabbi Matzkin),

TiCanta, Lev Shalem p188 (Sim Shalom p434)

Yism’chu, Eloheinu, Lev Shalem p189 (Sim Shalom p434)

Ritzei, Modim, Lev Shalem p189, 190 (Sim Shalom p436)

Last two blessings, Lev Shalem p190-191 (Sim Shalom p438-440)

Kaddish Shalem, Lev Shalem p203 (Sim Shalom p506)

Ein Keloheinu, Aleinu, Lev Shalem p204-206 (Sim Shalom p508-510)

Adon Olam (traditional melody), Lev Shalem p211 (Sim Shalom p514)

Adon Olam (another melody), Lev Shalem p211 (Sim Shalom p514)

V’Shamru, Kiddush and HaMotzi, (Sim Shalom p734)

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