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[KE CyberTorah] Kol Emeth is (partly) back in person!

Kol Emeth is (partly) back in person!

We are beginning the process of re-opening Kol Emeth to in person events. I am excited to  reconnect with people and get back to in person events. I’d like to explain a few of the programs and services that will start being in person, and some of our plans for the virtual platforms. All of this is determined by the Board’s policies sent out earlier this week. Please note that everything is in flux. Right now, case numbers are trending downward in very encouraging ways and vaccination rates are outstanding in our community. Were any of that to change, we would have to reverse course.

Shabbat Morning

Beginning with this Shabbat, we will have in person Shabbat morning services nearly every Saturday morning going forward. However, we still have limited capacity based on Covid restrictions. For weeks with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, we will offer 10 spaces to the general congregation. For other Shabbatot, we will have 75 seats available to members. Everyone will need to wear masks except for the leader (assuming the leader is vaccinated or has a negative Covid test). Kiddush will not yet resume, bring a water bottle! We hope to start having food again sometime this summer. We will continue to stream via zoom for the immediate future. Once space restrictions are no longer limited, we will reconsider how and in what ways we stream.


I will be resuming my day time classes in person in the Community Room adjacent to the Sanctuary. These classes will not require advance registration, though you will have to sign up once you arrive for tracking purposes. This means Sunday Talmud, Intro to Judaism, Wednesday Talmud, and Thursday morning Soloveichik will all be offered in person as well as via Zoom. Pepe is setting up video conferencing to support a dual platform offering.

Friday Nights

Beginning in June, we intend to offer a monthly in person Friday. We are unsure if this will include a virtual component, as well. It may be only in person. Also, at this point, it will not involve food. Hopefully as summer progresses we will be able to add in a food and maybe even a dinner component.


Outdoor in person Shiva is now an option. That means the Rabbis are open to officiating at a Shiva in a congregant’s backyard. Covid rules will need to be followed, meaning limiting capacity to allow social distancing and with a mask requirement for all attendees. Food will not be offered at this point. We will also continue to stream most, if not all, of these Shivas, at the discretion (and capability) of the family in mourning.

Playground and Children’s Programming

We hope to have an announcement about this soon. We would like to dedicate the new playground and have it open for Shabbat and possibly other times quite soon. I don’t know exactly when, but again, if current trends continue, keep an eye out for this.

Virtual Offerings

All of our evening activities, including Minyan, will remain virtual at this point. Evening minyan may remain online even post pandemic. Other classes will be up to the discretion of the leader and participants. Some events, like our Virtual Israel trip, will probably remain online permanently.

I will continue to update as we are able to resume more and more in person. I can’t wait to see you again!

Shabbat Shalom and Shavuot Sameach,
Rabbi David Booth

Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784