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Preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an incredible journey. We are excited to begin this process with you in 5th grade. Everything — from the logistics of choosing your date, to learning the necessary skills to lead, to feeling the deeper significance and meaning for your entire family — are all part of this 3-year program. You and your child(ren) will have the opportunity to engage in text study, hands on community service projects, and cohort-building activities with our amazing team of educators and rabbis. 

When: Tuesday Hebrew @4:30-5:30pm (Zoom); Saturdays @10:00am-12:15pm (In-Person)

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  • B'nai Mitzvah date selection 
  • Tuesday Hebrew - 5th graders solidify their Hebrew phonics foundation and begin learning the Tefillot
  • Saturday classParsha Partners (description below)
  • First Fridays - one Friday evening per month (description below)
  • Tuesday Hebrew - 6th graders continue to develop their Tefillot skills 
  • Saturday class - Trope - Taught by Jeff Schwarz  
  • 6th Grade Family Class: 6th grade families meet as a cohort with Rabbi Graff several times throughout the year to focus on issues and skills surrounding the B'nai Mitzvah.  Dates and times TBD
  • Mitzvah Corps - one Sunday morning per month (description below)
  • First Fridays - one Friday evening per month (description below)
  • Tuesday Hebrew - 7th graders continue to develop their Tefillot skills  
  • Saturday class The Mensch Project (description below)
  • Tefillin Workshops  - Taught by Jeff Schwarz  
  • Mitzvah Corps - one Sunday morning per month (description below)
  • First Fridays - one Friday evening per month (description below)

Mensch Project (6th)

Jewish wisdom — from Torah to Pirkei Avot to Mussar and beyond — offers young people powerful guideposts for strengthening their character and resilience in the face of uncertainty. This year-long project uses tools such as improv, bibliodrama, creative arts and role-playing to inspire the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Taught by Monica Kuniyoshi 

Parsha Partners (5th)

What does the text say? Do you agree or disagree with the choices made by characters in the story? What would you do in their situation? This course helps students develop skills in close reading of a text and gain confidence in expressing their opinions out loud as a participant of a supportive group of their peers. The texts we study are taken from the week’s Torah portion, or parshah. The students learn to point to specific sentences in the text to support or refute an interpretation. Encountering Torah and starting to think deeply about the parshot is an integral part of the B'nai Mitzvah preparation process. 

Mitzvah Corps (6-7th)

6th and 7th graders fulfill their required B'nai Mitzvah community service hours through monthly hands-on projects that focus on different areas of need within our community. Our Mitzvah Corps meets one Sunday morning per month and is led by Mitzvah Director Jeff Schwarz and Maytal Miller.   


First Fridays (K-8th)

First Friday is our monthly Kabbalat Shabbat program designed for grades K-8th, usually held on the first Friday of the month. The evening includes activities around a special theme, a musical Kabbalat Shabbat, and dinner. By designing these services for kids, we make the liturgy more accessible to our learners and expose them to the prayers and songs we do at Shabbat evening services. A few times a year, First Friday is replaced by Family Havdalah. Look out for our monthly email to register!


Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782